Murals and Concepts


In the 1980's I began painting murals, both exterior and interior, using both the air gun and the air brush. I had worked as a Union housepainter and had  learned how to do the scaffolding and rigging necessary for painting large scale walls. My first mural was the Bart Station Crab Nebula (15' x 25'), Oakland, California. Another large scale mural project, for which I was also the conceptual designer, was the Oakland City Center Fence Project (five city blocks). I was also doing interior murals, on a smaller scale, for restaurants, showrooms and model homes. In the process of doing murals, I made many different stencils which I used for spraying paint through onto the surface. Mural painting was always an adjunct to my studio painting. The two were  just different ways of seeing: one environmental, the other more intimate, personal, and to the heart.