JAZZ, finished in early 2010, is the largest wall relief piece I have made so far. It took six months to complete and involved many different processes. I first made a small maquette of JAZZ, consisting of four separate sections each of which were cast in aqua resin. Using enlarged templates of each section as guides, I then made full size models in clay of the four sections entitled (viewing from left to right):


              Ear Listening;


              Ying and Yang; and

              Wind Blowing Through.


Using the full size clay models, I made rubber molds for each section and   plaster mother molds to support the rubber molds. Each section was cast separately in Forton (a durable gypsum plaster material) and painted with fade resistant colors. The assembled piece was then attached to a wood frame for hanging on the  wall.


JAZZ, in an unpainted state, was installed outdoors in October 2009 for a show at Featherstone Center for the Arts, Martha's Vineyard. In May of 2010 it was hung on the North exterior wall of my studio on Martha's Vineyard.