Jack with painting, "Political Eye Observing the Beauty of Debris"

80's: encounters of the psyche with the object.


In the 80's, I focused on real imagery taken from the found object and abstracted.


I was now using acrylic paint, though I continued to use oil for some elements. I added a new technique to the process. Using the camera as a tool to gather information, I photographed "objects" and then projected the photo-negative images onto canvas. I "deconstructed" the projected images using many techniques: painting with the brush, spraying with the air brush, squeegeeing molding paste through stencils onto the surface of the canvas, and building up the surface in other ways. I was always looking for new ways to construct the imagery to convey "encounters of the psyche with the object." I wanted to take reality and the images of reality: debris, textures, natural and industrial objects, metal, plastic, glass, cloth, wood, paper, grids, rusting, rotting, broken pieces, and paint its abstract basis, the archetypes that are there, buried and hidden and made visible by painted abstractions.