70's: geometric paintings and the airbrush.


In the 70's space is the predominant aspect in all my work. I envisioned space as the stepping stone to the other shore - the visionary shore of contemplation. This vision had its beginnings in the 60's when I was making paintings of floating objects in fields of color. In the 70's In an attempt to eliminate visual distraction, I was using the object less and less, and, Instead, was making paintings of spaces that opened into other vistas, each space having its own dimension.


I started using the airbrush to paint more meditative arenas: sequences of color,  patterns of structure, spatial tensions created by various surface textures. Using the airbrush evolved naturally out of my years of working with the brush; I found that the airbrush was the perfect tool for making the finely blended tones and colors that I wanted. I made many series of small, very fine airbrushed ink drawings, which were later enlarged onto canvas and airbrushed in oil. Inspired by my vision of "unification of multiple spaces defined by geometric imagery", I created a body of geometric paintings as places for the viewer to enter and reflect within the self.


Then the very real imagery of the "found object" captured my attention and led me into the 80's.